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When you're planning one of the most important days in your life you want it to be perfect. You have thought of the decorations, the special cuisine, the music selection, and the satin covered chairs. Without even given it any thought you've have appealed to four of your guests' senses, leaving out the most powerful sense of all after sight...the sense of smell. 

Transform your wedding into what you dreamed it would be. With over 200 scents to choose from and scents such as "wedding cake", "Hawaii" and "chocolate" the possibilities are endless.
Hosting a themed party!

Make it one that no one will forget. We can transport your guests to another place. Do you know we have very interesting scents such as "A walk in the woods", "race car", "barber shop" and "dessert buffet". 
So you're staging a production of the Lion King? Why not make it a multi-sensory experience by appealing to all the senses. We provide systems which allow you to synchronize scent diffusion with specific scenes in the play. So maybe the scent of "safari" or "waterfall" can enhance a particular scene.

Contact us for information on special digital scenting solutions.

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